Posted by Stephany on 4th Aug 2015


How many times have you broken your phone screen? Once, twice, three times?! What about your iPad or tablet? Are you known for the classic scenario, “My phone was on my lap when I got out of the car.”? If you are a repeat offender of the most common problem with mobile devices, a broken screen, iMaster Repair has a program in place for you! When a customer places an order they are automatically enrolled in our lifetime accidental program.

What does the accidental coverage program include? When you place your second, or third, or maybe even your fourth order with us, on the same device, you will get a discount. We love returning customers, but we also know how badly it hurts when you rebreak a device you just paid to have repaired! We want to help you out so it doesn’t hurt quite so much.

Not all repair services are eligible for the accidental coverage. Before you add the service to the shopping cart, there will be a statement that says,”Includes Lifetime accidental Re-Repair.” Then the discounted price of the repair will be listed. And example of your savings would be if you needed and iPad 2 screen repair. The first repair would be $70. Your two year old dropped it again! Place another order with iMaster and we will repair it for $50.

We also have a lifetime warranty program that every customer is automatically enrolled in. This is how it works. We will warranty parts used for the repair. Parts ruled as defective come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is only valid on part(s) replaced during the original service. Cracked screens caused by physical damage are NOT covered under warranty. Devices that do have physical damaged caused by the customer will fall in our LifeTime Accidental coverage. Any device sent back to iMaster Repair as a warranty claim will be inspected before approval. Warranty is voided on water damaged devices.

To read our full warranty click here- Warranty policy