Warranty Policy

All iMaster repair services are backed by a one year limited warranty policy for the serviced device unless otherwise stated. 




Any repaired or replaced parts that malfunction or do not work as intended or designed.

Warranty is limited to the parts and/or services that were paid for. If only parts are purchased, warranty is limited to the replacement of the parts. If parts and repair service are purchased, warranty extends to cover the labor cost of part replacement as well as any other repairs specifically resulting from the initial repair. Exceptions listed below.


Warranty is only valid for the specific device repaired and the original customer; it is not transferrable across devices or valid if the device is sold or given to another customer.


If a customer device is irreparably damaged as a result of a repair attempted by an iMaster Repair employee and payment has been rendered, the customer is entitled to a fully functional refurbished device of equal or greater value. This will be based on the value of the damaged device in terms of model, condition as received, and with the original repair issue resolved. If payment was not received for the service, the repair quote shall be deducted from the value, or a refurbished device of the same damaged condition as received shall be offered. In order to receive a replacement device, the customer's damaged device must be surrendered to iMaster Repair. 




The outcome of a repair cannot be guarunteed if certain pre-repair conditions exist, including:

- Water or liquid damage of any kind.

- Existence of known manufacturing or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to repair.

- Existence of damage to the frame of the device, as noted prior to repair.

- Jailbroken devices.

- Tampering with internal hardware: under certain circumstances, internal damage may make a repair impossible. We never recommend attempting a repair on your own, as any damage may affect the repair-ability of your device.

- A non-working, damaged, or severed home button / bio-metric scanner.


After iMaster repairs the device, the warranty does NOT protect against:

- Water or liquid damage of any kind.

- Subsequent damage to frame due to mishandling (cracking, bending, twisting, etc.).

- Subsequent damage due to accidental or purposeful drops.

- Tampering with internal hardware.

- Damage resulting from attempted customer repairs.

- Damage resulting from attempted repair by another company.

- Software issues unrelated to the initial repair.

- Jailbroken devices.

- New damages unrelated to the initial repair.

- Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair (customers are strongly advised to back up all data prior to repair attempt).