Samsung Galaxy S10 Diagnostic

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Do you have a broken Samsung Galaxy S10 but can't seem to figure out what's causing the problem? 

Do none of the other repairs on our site quite fit your needs? 

Is water damage wreaking havoc on your phone? 

Our diagnostic service is here to help! 

How it Works: 

  • Give us a brief description of your device's problems, what you think may be the issue, or any other information you think could help us with the repair. 

  • Add the order to your cart, checkout, and ship your device our way.  

  • We will diagnose your device and send you an update with a time estimate and price quote (your diagnostic fee will go towards the final cost of any repairs). We do not complete any repairs without your permission! If you decide for any reason not to go through with the repair, we will package your device up and get it shipped back out to you.  

  • Once we've completed the repairs, we will quality check your device to make sure it's up and running like new, then ship it back out to you!  


  • We provide free USPS Priority Mail shipping both ways. Just select the "free shipping" option during checkout and we will email you a shipping label so you can send your device our way. Questions about our shipping process? Check out our Shipping Instructions 


  • No matter what repair(s) your device needs, it will be covered under our one year limited warranty policy. Detailed info about our warranty policy can be found on our Warranty Information page.  

 If you have any questions about anything at anytime during the ordering, shipping, or repair process- please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email! | (208) 291-1005 

One Year Limited Warranty