iPod Touch 7th Gen Camera Repair

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Has the camera on your iPod Touch stopped working? Is the camera broken or blurry and pictures just aren't coming out quite right? Or are you getting a black screen anytime you open the camera app? Our iPod Touch camera repair service is here to help!

How it Works:

  • Add the repair to your cart, checkout, and ship your device to our shop.
  • Once we receive your device, you'll get a confirmation email letting you know that it's safely arrived and is in our repair queue. 
  • We will perform the repairs on your device, quality check it to make sure it's up and running like new, and ship it back to you!


  • We provide free USPS Priority Mail shipping both ways. Just select the "free shipping" option during checkout and you will receive a shipping label for your device within a few hours. Questions about our shipping process? Check out our Shipping Instructions page. 


  • No matter what repair(s) your device needs, it will be covered under our one-year limited warranty policy. Detailed information about our warranty policy can be found on our Warranty Information page.

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One Year Limited Warranty