iPod Classic 6th Generation Hard Drive Upgrade Repair

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Are you running into error screens when you turn on your iPod Classic? Is your iPod boot looping or is the drive clicking? Or are you out of storage and just want more space for your music? Our hard drive upgrade repair can solve these issues and give you more space to store all your favorite songs.

How it Works:

  • Select the drive size that you would like to upgrade to. *

  • Add the repair to your cart, checkout, and ship your device to our shop.

  • Once we receive your device, you’ll get a confirmation email letting you know that it’s safely arrived and is in our repair queue.  

  • We will perform the repairs on your device, quality check it to make sure it’s up and running like new, and ship it back to you!

*If your iPod is a 6th Gen with less than 120 GB, we recommend contacting us about your upgrade before placing your order. These devices can be tricky to repair, and some 6th Gen iPod Classics will not accept a drive above 128 GB. Our technicians will be able to tell you whether your device would be eligible for a bigger upgrade.


  • We provide free USPS Priority Mail shipping both ways. Just select the “free shipping” option during checkout and you will receive a shipping label for your device within a few hours. Questions about our shipping process? Check out our Shipping Instructions page.


  • No matter what repair(s) your device needs, it will be covered under our one-year limited warranty policy. Detailed information about our warranty policy can be found on our Warranty Information page.

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One Year Limited Warranty