iPod Classic 6th Generation Battery Replacement

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iPod Classic 6th Generation Battery Replacement

If your Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation battery is not charging or not holding a charge or the battery dies real quick, or even sometimes your iPod Classic 6th Gen just shuts off randomly? You should select this repair, iMaster Repair will get your iPod back to working how it was designed to and get you back to enjoying the songs, books, podcasts, videos or more.

If your 6th Generation iPod Classic is getting old and unable to stay on for long periods of time it may be time for a new battery. The common symptoms are an inability to charge, not holding the charge, turning itself off quickly frequently or randomly, and being unable to turn on at all. This is a common issue that happens as the battery slowly degrades over time. At iMaster Repair we specialize with iPod Classic 6th Generation repairs. We will treat it like ours and get it back to you quickly and safely repair that for you!

iMaster Repair is here to bring all your devices back to life. Select this repair and check out. Print the label we send you and send us the device for a quick repair. We will turn that repair around normally within 24 hours of receiving it. We will repair the device, test, clean and return it back to you.

We offer a full replacement 180-day warranty on our iPod battery repairs.

180-Day Limited Warranty against defective parts.