iPad 3 / 4 Screen Repair

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Apple iPad 3 / 4 Screen Repair Service


For Models: A1416, A1430, A1403

All iPad Repairs Include Free Shipping to our facility and back to you

  • iPad 3 or 4 Screen Repair Service
  • Brand New Screen Installed Removing All the Cracks and Chips
  • See Your Movies and Videos Clearly with removing the cracks
  • Free Shipping

Are you wondering how our service works? Click here to see how our service works.  

Flat Rate Repairs  

Our repairs are a flat rate repair. No hidden fees, No extra charges. What you pay is what you’ll be charged. 
Corners on your iPad bent or damaged?  
Most iPads are dropped at an angel causing the corners of the aluminum back plate to bend or flatten. We offer a corner reshaping service included FREE of charge with every screen repair. Most companies do not offer this service and those that do charge extra! If you are not offered this additional service, you are only receiving half the repair. A new piece of glass cannot be installed on a bent corner. 
We use Genuine OEM Quality Apple Parts 
We use OEM quality parts on every order whether your iPad or iPhone needs a new LCD screen, or your laptop needs a new battery installed, you can be assured that all of our parts are OEM quality and lives up to the highest standards. 
Data Preservation 
With our iPad repairs we will return your iPad with all your pictures, apps, and other data still there, NO DATA LOSS. We repair your iPad instead of sending you a refurbished unit, this way you can pick up right where you left off. The only time data may be lost is if the operating system has become corrupted and needs to be restored. Backing up your iPad is always a good idea when possible. 

One Year Limited Warranty