In an effort to help boost our customer confidence we have outsourced the reviews on our services to a third party review company, Shopper Approved.

Yes, we have the ability to screen and post our own reviews, but we don’t. The reviews you see on our web site are posted by Shopper Approved. The customer writes their review and it is posted by their company onto our site. iMaster Repair cannot edit them, nor decline to post them. We see them once they are published.

Since iMaster Repair has started using Shopper Approved, we have 136 reviews. 114 of those are 5 Stars! Thank you customers for taking time to review your experience!

Only 10 were 3 stars or less. Our company is run by human beings. Like every other human being, we aren’t perfect. However, we are honest, and strive to give every customer a good experience. We know you are trusting us with an expensive device containing personal information. Thanks to all our customers for keeping us in business!