Should Your C-Suite Be Considering Moving To Buying Refurbished Electronics?

Posted by Cory D. Meisenheimer on 4th Nov 2018

Should Your C-Suite Be Considering Moving To Buying Refurbished Electronics?

With the average cost of new cell phones continuing to rise, is your C-Suite considering moving to buying refurbished? As reported by Forbes the sales of refurbished phones grew at an annual rate of 13% in 2017, however that may be closer to 22% with some conflicting reports. Either way, new device sales are reporting flat or declining with refurbished devices on the rise. With an opportunity to reduce the corporate expense of consumer electronic purchases by 35% or more, shifting to a refurbished device purchase policy begins to sound like a subject your organization should at least consider.

As of November 1st,an iPhone 7 128GB is selling for $549.00 at Apple. We have found a variety of organizations selling pristine pre-owned refurbished iPhone 7 128GB for $399 or less and for those who don’t mind small scratches on the frame those can sell anywhere between $349 and $379. A 36% discount for buying refurbished iPhone 7s for your team of 10 can reduce your out-of-pocket expense by nearly $2,000. On a single buying decision, you now have $2,000 that can be used for marketing to grow your business? Can be used towards your company’s health care cost? Or a nice Christmas Party for the team? All in All, considering a refurbished device purchase policy has enough upside to consider

Refurbished devices can be acquired to meet any organizations requirements (other than new in box), but the carrier, the color, the size, the brand can all be determined and ordered accordingly. Certified Refurbished devices are placed through physical hands on checks by trained technicians then those where necessary they are processed through software applications that runs an even more detailed check on the device flagging any additional hardware or software bugs needing attention. For Phones, Tablets, and Wearables, these checks will also verify blacklist and financial delinquency reports verifying the device is clean and ready to be activated on any network the device is designed for. To finish, a certification is provided, and device warranties applied by your trusted partner.

Refurbished devices don’t just stop at cell phones. They include most technologies found in the offices used to operate your business. Desktops, laptops, monitors, wearables, tablets, printers, projectors, security cameras, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee pots and beyond. If you are buying trusted brands re-sold by trusted refurbishing partners this is a fantastic way to become more responsible fiscally for your business.

The industry is continuing to mature with more providers refurbishing devices. Look for trusted advisors who can assist you in this journey if buying refurbished is a newer strategy for your business. Most retailers will follow their incentive plans so beware of your local carrier or local electronics store as they may not be too excited to offer up any positive assistance. If I can assist you in any capacity during this journey, please let me know.

It’s your business, spend wisely.