Netflix Shuffle - When You Can't Decide What To Watch

Posted by Cory Meisenheimer on 19th Aug 2020

Netflix Shuffle - When You Can't Decide What To Watch

We may have reached the peak of laziness as a society or maybe simply just decision making paralysis. We scroll and scroll the categories, the recommended, the Top 10, often times just selecting something we have already watched because, well that was easier. 

With many being confined to the couch or bed during this pandemic many have put the strain on their internet provider by watching everything on Netflix that looked interesting based on a small square picture and a title. Well your days of deciding what to watch maybe over.

Netflix is testing a new feature. Shuffle Play. Netflix now has enough data that it no longer requires you to browse their library to find a show or movie to watch. It already knows exactly what you like. With that data they also know exactly what shows and movies to produce that will keep their viewers glued to their platform. If you have enjoyed the shows they have recommended, now all you have to do now is hit shuffle and Netflix will take over. That's it, your entertainment is now available without even having to decide. 

Welcome to the power of data and we are only in the first inning.