How To Lower K-12 1:1 Classroom Tech Budgets

Posted by Cory Meisenheimer on 15th Nov 2019

How To Lower K-12 1:1 Classroom Tech Budgets

Improving and increasing technology within the classroom has been a primary focus for many school districts across the country with no slowing down in site. With technology spending for K-12 on the rise, many districts are being faced with budget constraints, both locally and federally, causing strain on the system.

Districts are trying to determine where the budget for technology should be placed between personalized learning, enterprise infrastructure and support, digital curriculums and systems, or mobility to include a 1:1 ratio mixed with BYOD policies and security.

Not only is finding the funding to acquire devices for the classrooms, teachers and students a struggle to meet all the needs, the additional cost to support, operate, deploy, replace and perform planned and not planned maintenance now becomes another cost center the district has to budget and allocate for.

After many discussions with K-12 I.T. departments and administrators across the country, it is very clear that each district have their own unique challenges, but they also share some very similar challenges. One similarity we found is that many districts were unaware that trusted and valued National repair partners existed that can assist them in keeping those mobile technologies they fought so hard to acquire in circulation.

We learned K-12 have plenty of people knocking on their doors and blasting their emails to sell them new technologies, new systems, new programs, etc, but what was lacking was a credible organization working to assist K-12 in reducing their technology spend. iMaster Repair has been able to do this by providing maintenance and repair services on the technologies they already have in place. From Apple iPads, iMacs, iPhones to Dell and HP Laptops, Android Tablets, Chromebook, and Microsoft Surface.

Growing up during a time where we had to fix everything that broke or we didn't have one, our passion for repair was instilled and iMaster Repair was created. iMaster Repair is very passionate about extending this practice with our K-12 partners, keeping their existing mobile technologies in circulation.

Having our own children in school we understand the value of technology in the classroom. We are also taxpayers who contribute to the funding of those school districts learning programs and desire those tax dollars be spent in the most effective manner possible. Knowing how kids can be in the classroom, some delicate and responsible, while others are like the Hulk who 'Must Smash iPad'. Thankfully, there is a resource in iMaster Repair who is extremely passionate about assisting school districts with keeping their existing technologies in circulation, therefore allowing funds to be allocated to the many other pressing needs they have.

Apple announced in Q1 '18 a $299 iPad price point for schools which doesn't include the expense of cases, MDM licenses charging carts, and staff to deploy and manage. The average repair we see for our K-12 partners are iPad screen related. However, the repairs can extends to batteries, charging ports, cameras, or WiFi connections. Our average cost per iPad repair with our K-12 partners are $87. Shipping is paid for by iMaster Repair keeping cost down for schools districts.

We found that repairing K-12 iPads can be accomplished for 29% the cost of replacement. iMaster Repair is able to keep your taxpayer funded technologies in circulation freeing up capital for more pressing demands. By repairing an iPad three times a school district will still spend less on average versus purchasing just one new iPad. We would welcome continuing the conversation with you. Let us know if we can be of any value to your school district.

iMaster Repair Helps Reduce K-12 Classroom Mobile Device Spend by 71% with Repair

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