E-Waste Reduce Reuse Recycle

Posted by Cory Meisenheimer on 18th Jun 2021

E-Waste Reduce Reuse Recycle

Electronic waste or E-waste is created when the electronic products we use every day are then replaced and the old item is discarded or thrown away. With the ever-expanding utilization of technology in our homes, our schools, and our jobs,this has created a large increase of e-waste that needs to be addressed.

Consider just your home and the use of technology. Just 10 years ago many of us had one or two TV, a computer, and a phone or two. Flash forward where the average home in 2020 had 50 unique devices connected to the internet. All these items were manufactured using precious metals, used natural resources, and many harmful chemicals in their production.

What do you do when those 50 devices need to be replaced, or are upgraded by choice? Those items can include cellphones, tablets, computers, laptops, game consoles, home security devices, MP3 players, headphones, routers, TVs plus many more.

iMaster Repair has been repairing technology devices for over nine years, doing our part to keep e-waste out of landfills. By keeping technology in use as long as the economics allow, we believe this prevents the need to purchase new devices, helping reduce the need to produce new devices. We also work to place used technologies into the hands of those with the need. Whether it be here within the United States, or developing countries where access to new technology isn't as readily available.

For the technologies in which we can no longer reuse for the function of repurposing (where we use parts and components from devices) to repair a device, we shift our focus to recycling. As our final step of keeping e-waste out of landfills, this final stage we strip the technology into many resource buckets to assure they are processed and recycled properly. Plastics, Lead, Steel, Aluminum, other Precious Metals and Batteries. Every, Last, Piece!

It is very important that we stay aware of the impact our technology advancement is having on our environment. iMaster Repair will continue to be an example of responsible handling of e-waste and do everything within our abilities to make all the progress we see in technology not come at the expense of our environment.

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