Posted by Stephany on 23rd Aug 2017


The technology world is changing, always. The world, culture, my dad, there is change all around us. I am the second oldest of 9. Yes, I know that’s a lot of kids (I love all my brothers and sisters, couldn’t choose one or two to live with out), no Chris and I won’t have 9 kids. So anyways, being at the beginning of my dad’s parenting years, I got the “you can get a cell phone when you can sign your own contract” lecture. And that is what I did. Actually Chris and I got cell phones our senior year of high school, on his mom’s plan, but I was 18 and did pay for it.

Fast forward 10+ years, my four teenage siblings have cell phones and good old dad is footing the bill. Change…it happens.

The phones that Chris and I started with at 18 sure are different then the ones we have now. And you all know that. If your reading this (from your phone I’m sure) you’ve all watched the evolution of cell phones.

So which cell phone did Chris start tinkering with & learn to repair? Just a little side note about Chris, as a child he was constantly taking apart his toys to see how they worked. His success rate of putting back together what he took apart, and it actually working, has greatly improved.

The Motorola Razr phone, was the start of it all. Chris was so excited when they hit the market, he bought us both one. He learned how to fix these and resold them on EBay.

Then, Steve Jobs and Apple changed the mobile technology market forever. In 2007 the first iPhone was released. We all know Chris bought one (it took a few years before I’d let him get me one). Chris also figured out how to repair these phones. He did it more as a hobby after work or on weekends.

We were married right in the middle of the rescession. There were no jobs that he could get that would support us while I finished college. So technically he was unemployed when we married (we both were). However, he told me he’d make the money we needed to allow me to finish nursing school. He started his repair business in the spare bedroom of the house we rented. And he kept his promise.

Of course when the iPad came out, he learned how to fix that also. And now he does anything Apple as well as anything else. (But not PCs, don’t bring him one of those. It’s like a foreign language to him.) There was not a ton of competition when he started the business. It was fabulous. He didn’t have to stress nearly as much as he does now about competition.

Even though the competition is always changing. The technology market is always changing. There is a rarity that you will find with iMaster that is hard to find in any other mobile device repair company. 10 years of experience. Chris knows his stuff. If you ever get a chance to talk to him about repairs and his wealth of knowledge, you will see that he really is a master in the repair world.

You won’t be sorry you brought your business to him.