Phone, Computer, Laptop & iPad Repair in Meridian, Idaho

Having a good electronics repair shop you can depend on is invaluable. And that’s just what iMaster Repair is — your reliable tech repair store in Meridian, Idaho. 


Reputation matters, and at iMaster Repair, we rely on our reputation to keep current customers and to win over new ones. Here, reviews count, and that’s one reason we like to be sure each and every one of our customers is happy with the work we have done for them.

iPad Screen Repair

One of the most common jobs we do here at our location in Meridian is fix iPad screens. Because iPads are so handy, they often go everywhere with us — from the couch to the kitchen to the bathroom and into bed, as well as to work, school, on public transportation and to the doctor’s office. When you put this much mileage on a device, it’s bound to get a nick or a scratch somewhere along the way. But it’s not the nicks as much as the cracks that are upsetting when you have an iPad.


If it’s a tiny screen crack, you may be able to look past it — at least for a while. But like a windshield, a glass crack tends to lengthen and expand over time, so you may eventually need iPad screen replacement. A broken or shattered iPad screen, however, is another matter. A screen that is so compromised that it allows dirt and other substances inside threatens the function of your device. It’s also almost impossible to use, whether you’re reading, shopping, playing or watching videos. Count on iMaster of Meridian, Idaho, for Apple iPad screen repair.

iPad Battery Replacement

A battery can only be recharged for so long before it is no longer useful. You might notice that your battery takes longer to charge, drains faster or loses a lot of power suddenly. There may be other underlying reasons for this, however, and when you depend on us for iPad battery replacement, we check to see if there are any other issues that may be affecting your battery.


If you’re looking for battery replacement for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini or any other Apple or Android device, iMaster Repair in Meridian should be your first choice.

Computer & Laptop Repair

Whenever you need computer repair for PCs or Macs, rely on the team at iMaster Repair. We fix Samsung tablets; Acer, Asus, Google, Lenovo and HP Chromebooks; Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops; MacBook Air and Pro; iPod Classic, Nano and Touch; smartwatches, game consoles and more. Any problems you have with your tech, we can fix.

iPad Screen Repair

Your phone is your lifeline — your access to the outside world. So when something is wrong with it, you feel disconnected and panicky. Don’t worry, iMaster Repair of Meridian, Idaho, can help. Just mail your phone into us — we fix most items within 24 hours.