Micro-Solder Support for Repair and IT Shops

Micro-Solder as a Service (MSaaS) by iMaster Repair - Supporting The Repair Industry One Shop at a Time!
Do You Own or Operate a Phone Repair Shop or IT Consulting Firm?

When we started our business, we learned quickly we couldn’t fix every problem on every device. We just didn’t have the knowledge or skills yet, but we also wanted to Say YES to as many customers that called or walked into our shop. We knew we had to solve the question of, how do we say yes more often? We knew we needed help and were fortunate to find partners who were able to support our business strategy by completing those more advanced repairs for us until we were able to repair them on our own.

Flash forward 10 Years, iMaster Repair is ready to be that partner for you! Let the iMaster Repair team be an extension of your repair team. Stop sending customers away to your competitors. Keep them in house by saying yes and partnering with the iMaster Repair Team. We offer Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping Solutions, and discounts to our repair partners.

Let iMaster Repair assist your growing business by adding these services to your lineup. Traditional screen, port, battery style repairs for all these devices are available also if needed.

iPad - Charge Port Repairs, Tristar, Power Management, FPC - LCD / DIGI / Home Button, Home Button Repairs, Touch Filters, Backlight Filters, Battery Flex FPC Connectors, Additional Component Level Board Repair

iPhone - Audio IC, Tristar, Additional Component Level Board Repair

Apple Watch - Flex Cable Repairs, FPC Repair

Xbox / PlayStation - HDMI Retimer IC, HDMI Ports, Additional Component Level Board Work

Nintendo Switch - Type-C Port Repair, Power IC, Audio Vida Control IC

iPod - Charge Port, Batteries, Speakers, Additional Component Level Board Repair

MacBook - LCD Connectors, Fan Pin Connectors, Antenna Connector Repair, Additional Component Level Board Repair

Android Devices - Micro-USB / Type-C Charge Ports Repairs for Samsung Galaxy, J-Series, Tab Series, Google Pixel Models, Fire Tablets, ZTE Phones, Asus, LG, Motorola, Alcatel and more. Not all makes and models listed, contact us for model specifics.

Chromebook and Windows Laptop – Connectors and Additional Component Level Board Repairs. Contact Us for Required Repair

Micro-Solder Repair Training - COMING IN MARCH 2021 Are you interested in growing your repair skills by adding micro-solder work to your product offerings? iMaster Repair will being offering Micro-Solder Repair Training to provide you product knowledge about the tools, the systems, and the process. Receive hands-on training showing you the troubleshooting, principles and techniques to repair the repair items listed above and more. Added benefits for our students will include product discounts by Amscope, Hakko, Quick, Flir, Chip Quick, AMTech, Goot and more! Contact us for more details.